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Steps On How To Bail Your Hay

During the winter season, it is wise that you have a large supply of hay for your livestock since it is considered as their staple food. However, many people find themselves in a dilemma of how to store the hay. Over the years, storing hay in bales has been the most commonly used method. There is an expanded market for drive tractors due to the increased demand for hay. Additionally, bailing is not an easy job for most people. The right weather conditions is also a key factor to consider. The following are some simple steps to follow in the bailing process.

Making sure that the grass is ready to be cut and turned to bales is important. Mowing is a process that should be carried on the grass when it has reached its growth limit. Immediately the grass has been cut; it should be given time for the curing process. The present weather conditions and the grass weight are factors that influence curing.The grass is also subjected to raking after it has been cut.Immediately after raking, the farmer will end up with at least two rows. Next, a farmer is supposed to attach the baler to the tractor. It is also an obligation to the farmer checking whether the belts on the baler are tight as required. The next step is loading of the bale twine. It is usually done so that it can help hold the hay together.

After the baler is ready; you are supposed to ensure the hay in the windrow is also ready to be bailed. Generally, the hay should not contain any wet clamps. For hay to be ready for bailing, it should have the crispy texture. After you have positioned the tractor and the windrow, you can then move on the down side. It is recommended that if hay is not reaching the entry chamber, one should try weaving forward and backward. Checking the indicators is also important. It helps you know when each bale is complete so as you can advance to the tying process. A farmer should also back up the tractor with a bit. It is the place where the bales drop after being made. To manage to make bales in the right way, the process stated above should be embraced faithfully. Repeatedly continue with the process for the rest of the field. Hay usually cause clogging of the baler at times. However, you should not worry as long as the system you are using has safety chocks. It goes without saying that the bailing of hay facilitates an easy sale in the market. It is wise to follow the above steps for a positive result.Short Course on Resources – What You Should Know

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