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5 Tips From an Appraiser on How to Ensure Your Home Appraises for Top Dollar

So you want to sell your home? In the year 2016, in the United States,560,000 ,homes were sold. It goes without saying that you want your home to fetch the best appraisal value possible before you sell it. There are several factors that determine how much value your home gets such as model,no of bedrooms and location among others. While you may not do anything about the location of your property,there are several affordable things you may undertake to ensure the home attracts a top dollar appraisal from the appraiser. The purpose of this article is to enlighten you on some of the things you can do to make sure your home fetches the kind of appraisal value that you find right and acceptable.

Do something to improve the curb appeal. Start with simply cutting the grass on the lawn,making it look neat and well kept. You do not necessarily have to engage the expensive services of a top-dollar-charging landscaping specialist but you can use a little creativity to pleasantly place flowers,shrubs and other plants around the yard.

No one wants an appraiser resting their eyes on clutter either around the home or in the interiors. Be sure to clean the area in and around the house,to make the place not only appear great but also more spacious.
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Ensure that all those small repairs that you have put off doing forever are handled before the appraiser gets to view the home. Appraisers recommend that people take a quick walk through the house and deliberately note all the issues that are immediately noticeable on entry. Fix all those noted small repair areas such as cracked floors,broken covers on light switches and paints that are peeling away from the walls.
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Update or execute some remodeling and just watch as the value of your home rises appreciably. Ensure that all projects intended for enhancing the home are completed. Certain areas such as bathrooms and kitchens are,usually,areas of great interest to appraisers and therefore all leaking sinks should be fixed up,cabinets should be updated and peeling paints in such places should be addressed.

Keep a neat and up to date record of all remodeling or updating efforts on the property and show the same to the appraiser for consideration in their final report.

Whether you live in Bakersfield or any other place in California,consider engaging the services of a high quality residential appraisal services provider for further insights and more detailed professional advice that could be customized to suit your current home buying or selling needs.