Ford’s Diesel-Equipped Titanium Escape Impresses Even at Its Higher Price Point

The sport utility vehicle class remains one of the most popular among Australian buyers, and manufacturers are doing everything possible to cater to this steadily growing demand. Many of even the most successful SUVs of recent years have been subjected to thorough redesigns and re-imagining, in fact, in order to ensure they would remain in tune with the evolving tastes and demands of buyers. Among the many new models of SUVs introduced this year, Ford’s refreshed Escape has attracted perhaps the most attention of all. Particularly in the Titanium TDCi configuration that loads the vehicle up with options and enhancements, along with a turbocharged diesel engine, the new Escape has turned plenty of heads since its introduction.

Some initially viewed the high-end version of the new Escape with a bit of skepticism. Carrying a price tag not always associated with somewhat value-oriented Ford, the maxed-out take on the Escape is forced to compete with vehicles from companies better known for luxury. At the same time, reviewers have consistently defended the value that the loaded-up version of the Escape represents, suggesting that maybe sticker shock is not quite in order.

For one thing, the Titanium TDCi version of the Escape simply performs very well. A torque-heavy diesel engine often makes a good fit for a large, massive SUV, and the power plant the Escape is fitted with in the TDCi trim lives up to this reputation. From towing relatively heavy loads to simply passing quickly in traffic, the top-end variety of the Escape is a vehicle that never feels bogged down in the way that many less costly SUVs might.

At the same time, drivers and passengers can expect the quality of ride and comfort that most will demand at this price point. Preliminary speculation about the newly announced Escape trim often betrayed a belief that Ford would not necessarily be capable of this, but the actual results have shown otherwise. Far from being an unrefined vehicle that feels cheaper than its price tag would suggest, the new Escape seems to live up to all the relevant expectations. As a result, it has quickly become a top choice for those determined to spend a little more on a vehicle in this important class.