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VALUE OF SCRAP METAL. the ever increasing prices of the scrap metals has been of concern to many business investors because of its increasing better prices each day. Many business entities dealing on scrap metal put all their emphasis on the recycled Almost all economically strong countries have been venturing much on the scrap metal as they tend to have the opportunity of producing other advanced materials from the scrap materials In the ancient days, most of the countries had not realized the worth of scrap metal as technology that could aid them in recycling the metals not been implement in the world. Conversely, in the technology invented in the current world has brought in the possibility of various ways of recycling scrap metals depletion of the mines of different metals that used to exist before has been another factor that has been fueling the recycling of scrap metals. cooper metal is one of the contemporary example in the present world because of his high value which has lasted for ages. Copper price per pound stands at $2.17 implying that market of cooper as a scrap metal is high because most people cannot get copper from the mines because of various reasons. For instance, pure cooper from the mines that has never been used before tends to be more expensive compared to the recycled copper. holding on the fact that quality of used and unused metals are different, many nations most industries would consider the cost effectiveness of the metal that makes them to offer a performance to the used than pure metal. The same situation is obvious in the case of steel because finding pure steel from the mines also proves difficult because the high population increase in cannot survive from the steel produced from the mines. The existence in that perception suggests that most of the people that prefer numerous substantial made of steel is advanced than the amount of pure steel that could be originate from the mines Thus, through recycling of the steel, industries get that opportunity of producing various products made of steel. In conclusion, the general scrap metal values per pound is high in the current past because most of the businesses using the metals as raw material have come a understanding that they cannot make my product without thoughtful concerns on recycling of the scrap metal. developing economies of the world depend on the recycling of materials that tends to be cheap in the long run. Consequently, consequence of recycling the scrap metal in the recent past has been resulting to hiking on the scrap metal prices and on daily basing causing a great shift

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